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Monday, September 17, 2012

Data Storage in Android

Data Storage:

Android stores data in 5 ways depends on the data storage

internal storage
external storage
sqlite database
network connection

sharedpreferences: it will store the data as a key value pairs

to get SharedPreferences of ur app, use these

getSharedPreferences()  - use this if u need multiple preferences

getPreferences()- use this if u need single preference.

you can find shared preferences example here 


Internal Storage:

InputStream()- for reading the data
OutputStream()- for writing the data to the stream

1.openFileOutput() - we call the particular file.

2. write to the file with  write()
3. close the file after writing -   close()

String FILENAME= "hello_file";
Strig string="helloworld";

FileOutputStream fos=openFileOutput(FILENAME, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);



getDir()- create directory in the internal storage

deleteFile()- deletes the directory

External Storage-

boolean mExternalStorageAvilable= false;
boolean mExternalStorageWritable= false;

if(Environment.MEDIA_MOUNTED.equals(state)) {

mExternalStorageAvilable=mExternalStorageWritable= true;

mExternalStorageWritable= false;



public class namedir extends SqliteOpenHelper

private static final int DATABASE_VERSION=2;
private static final String NAME_TABL="namedir";


public void onCreate(SqliteDatabase db)
db.execSQL("CREATE TABLE NAMEDIR(id varchar(20), image BLOB, caption varchar(30), description varchar(100))");
private void VersionUpdation(SQLiteDatabase db)
public boolean CheckDataBase(String db)
SQLiteDatabase checkDB=null;

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