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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Steps to develop Hibernate Application:

Steps to develop Hibernate Application:
1.     Develop entity class for each table.
2.     For each entity , develop a mapping file.
3.     Develop configuration file.
4.     Add hibernate framework jar files to class path.
5.     Using hibernate api, perform persistent operations.

How to use Hibernate Api to perform persistent operations:

We have some steps to use hibernate api

1.     Create configuration object
Configuration configuration=new configuration();

2.     Read configuration file along with mapping file using configure method.

3.     Build SessionFactory from configuration.

SessionFactory factory=configuration.buildSessionFactory();

SessionFactory is thread safe immutable cache of compiled

4.     Get Session from SessionFactory object.

Session session=factory.openSession();

         Session (org.hibernate.Session)

        A single-threaded  Short lived object representing a conversation      between app and persistent store.

5.     Perform persistent operations.
Session save(s)
Session update(s)
Session load(s)
Session delete(s)
6.     Close the session.


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