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Thread LifeCycle

Life Cycle of Thread :

thread's life cycle consists of five states:

New Thread : When an instance of a thread class is created, a thread enters the new thread state.        Thread newThread = new Thread(this);
                     You have to invoke the  Start( ) to start the thread.  ie, newThread.Start( );

Runnable : when the Start( ) of the thread is invoked the thread enters into the Runnable State.

sleep(long t);    where t= no: of milliseconds for which the thread is inactive.
The sleep( ) is a static method because it operates on the current thread.

Dead : A thread can either die natuarally or be killed.
A thread dies a natural death when the loop in the Run( ) is complete.
Assigning null to the thread Object kills the thread.
If the loop in the Run( ) has a hundred iterations , the life of the thread is a hundred iterators of the loop.

IsAlive( ) : it is used to determine wheather a thread has been started or stopped. If isAlive( ) returns true the thread is still runnin…

GPS – Android

Sample project
Download the source code here- working code

 LocationManager class provides the access to  know the location of the mobile. It will provide the current geo location to the user. Here no need to instantiate the class directly, instead you can use Context.getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE)
Android provides the   android.location package which provides the API to determince the current geo position.
LocationProvider is a super class of different location providers, which  will provide the current geo location.
We can get the location by using three methods,
Network  -  uses mobile network,wifi Gps      -  uses mobile gps to find the location via satellites. Passive  - allows to participate for getting location on other components to save the power.
To use the gps service in our android mobile, we need to declare permission in manifest file:

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION”/>
If your getting location by gprs we…

Introduction To Object Oriented Programming

Java is a programming language for developing enterprise applications.
This language is evolved from Oak. It was developed by Sun Microsystems.
Object-oriented programming  is a programming  uses "objects" and their interactions to design applications and computer programs.

Any OOP must support the following features.

Before going through all these, first learn
 What is  a class?
What is an Object?
class is the blue print from which an individual objects.
or simply we can say
A class is a collection of related data and related methods.

Instance of the class is known as Object.

i.e when we create an object memory will be assigned.
for example an engineer will give a plan to construct a building. With that plan, a constructor will build multiple buildings.

here plan is the class and its not existed really.

building is an object and it exists really.
Lets see the OOPS features:
Abstraction:Showing the essential and hiding …
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