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Monday, June 10, 2013

Regular Expression Meta Characters


Regular Expression                   Description

\d                                                Any digits    [0-9]

 .                                                  Match Any character except new line

^                                                  Match the beginning of line

\                                                  escape next meta character

$                                                  Match the end of line

 |                                                    Alteration      ('0r' statement)

()                                                  Grouping

[]                                                  Custom character class

\d                                                Any digits    [0-9]

\D                                                Any non digit      [^0-9]

\s                                                 Any white space character    [\t\n\x0B\f\r]

\S                                                Any non white space charater

\w                                                Any word character

\W                                               Any non word character

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